Dona Ivone, 2013
HD Video, black and white, 16:9, 02’12”, AAC stereo

Dona Ivone is a video work done in collaboration with Anita Collective, including Joao Timoteo, Guilherme Silva and Madalena Braga. It explores the collective narratives of a generation clearly marked by the transition between fascism to democracy in Portugal.

The interviews are taken at Mrs. Ivone’s house, during a typical grandmother’s visit, a cake is baked an coffee is served. Mrs Ivone seats on her sofa and starts embroiding, and her stories flow, as usual. The video takes on her own personal memories, to illustrate the life of millions during this period of great difficulty.

Although very personal, these storeis create a network of memories in which our grandparents can all somehow relate to and is somehow becoming oblivious to younger generations.

The video depicts the house, objects, aesthetics, and conversations taken during a visit to the house of Dona Ivone in 2013.