Rejected Dreams, 2019

Rejected Dreams was comissioned by Antonio Castro for his 2019 SS Collection entitled Experiment #3: Wish you were here.

Antonio’s Collection was developed after a Residency in Japan. There Antonio became fascinated with the juxtaposition of the continuous new and the old, traditional partterns, handmade-prints and decaying textiles.

Inpired by his own gaze, and this in-betweeness, Antonio describes this work has a voyage of a flâneuse and a flâneur in Japan.1

Thus, Experiment #3 encourages the spirit of wonder, eccentric role-play and the constant observation of society. These characters are not just street strollers but they become important participants in society. They are the painter and at the same time the painting.2

António comissions Joao to explore objects and accessories that could complete the collection aesthetically and conceptually, by bringing the imperfect, raw materiality element of decay into this work, culminating on handmade sculptural-like shoes that Joao created for the all the 12 looks presented at Lisbon Fashion Week in 2019.

Joao has also collaborated with Antonio towards the design of the space, lighting and performance during this event.

1. António Casto
2. António Castro, Experiment #3