We were here before, somewhere.

Before the first mark.
            The first step,
                       the first scar,
                       the first open wound to the flesh.

Time is strange,
            and memory stranger

Now I can only remember when they started
Perhaps my subjectivity has been only encountered through pain

But they have long not seen,
            for their greed, we have been dismembered

Then we finally collapsed,
            not for revenge but from weakness

But the attention spawn will only last for as long as blood
                            it's still fresh.

For when the corpse is no longer of use,
                                            it shall be left,
                                                        on each
of the road.

Warm blood has guided the soil to us, and today we have no shame to beg
                            for the soil
                                        to bury
                                        us once more.

Perhaps the real tragedy happened long before, but has been

For every cathedral built, there’s a reversed cathedral carved. Mined, from our

All destruction ends in tourism.


Anticline (2020)
HD video, 21:9, black and white, AAC, 13:13, Portugal
Production: Independent


Director & Cinematography
Original Soundtrack
Additional Camera

Additional Images
Sound Courtesy


João Bragança Gil
João Poppe Toulson
Donato Panaccio
Anat Uziely

TVI24, RTP1, SIC, Marinha Portuguesa

Estremoz, Borba e Vila Viçosa — Alentejo, Portugal