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        Joao is a Experience & Product designer working across Digital, Physical and Virtual Products, Spaces, and Brands. The User Centred Design methodologies employed allow Joao to deliver thoughtful products — and craft meaningful experiences.

He is a team player, that thrives within a multidisciplinary environment by designing, collaborating, and questioning the stakeholders involved to deliver not just products — but a deeply insightful process to create strategic experiences that offer cutting-edge solutions for both business and users.

Joao has a rich background in diverse disciplines, from Fine-Art, Illustration, Craft, Industrial Design, Product Design and User Experience that guarantees a holistic approach to thinking and making.

“My aim is to work complex challenges that shape the way we live, work and play by designing simple, elegant, user-centric products and services — for clients just like you.”

Originally from Portugal, Joao relocated to London to take the Central Saint Martins Masters programme in Industrial Design in 2016. During this period he worked with DESIS Network and the Socially Responsive Design and Innovation Hub towards delivering social innovation through Human Centred Design.

Later, he worked with the design duo KRAM / WEISSHAAR, “the vanguard of the next generation of digital designers” (FORM magazine) where projects span from software development to process design, from product design to architecture. During this Joao worked in the vanishing line between the digital and the physical.

Finally Joao established himself has a consultant and started working for startups and bigger clients in London, helping them design, refine and scale their products and services.

He has worked on a wide range of innovation projects including Virtual Reality, Smart Devices - Furniture and Cycling Navigators, SaaS Websites, Mobile and TV Apps.

Selected clients include Blubel, Lifecake, World Press Photo and Canon.

Currently looking for opportunities, collaborations and contract work.

Email j[at]joao-gil[dot]com

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