Academy Winning Geographies 1927—2021 (First Fragments of Imaginary Landscapes), 2021

HD Video, 19’17”. Color and b/w, silent.
Dimensions Variable.

3 + 1 AP

Exhibition view of Dip me in the river, drop me in the water! at Galeria Pedro Cera, 2021; Photo — Bruno Lopes

In João Gil’s video, the landscape is placed in the foreground, becoming a chimerical protagonist, composed of fragments removed from their original context and allowing a reading that seeks to deconstruct the agents of its transformation – and to question the influence of cinema in the construction of the idea of landscape as simulacrum. More than an exercise in conceptual and perceptive editing, linked to an investigative artistic practice, it offers a view of the representation of landscape as a place of collective memory, where it is possible to contemplate a discursive system that unfolds through differences and repetitions; slowly revealing itself in the places filmed, as well a in the composition and duration of each frame and the camera movements; socio-political and cultural constructions in the passing of time.

Carolina Trigueiros, 2021