Two Steps Away, 2021 [ Unreleased ]

HD Video; 11’06” Loop
Color, 32:9 (16:9+16:9), 5.1 Surround

3 + 1 AP

Above: Video Stills (5) and Sound Sample (1 min)

Two Steps Away (2021) is a double channel video work and a surround sound piece. The video is positioned between the floor and the wall, replicating the angle of the abyss that is represented in the image. The video comprises of single hand-held shot that is slowed down in post-production to fifteen per cent of the speed of the original recording. This same clip is then duplicated and layered nine times, each with a slightly different duration.
The result is an ambiguous, time-warp, further distorted by the audio soundtrack, which is composed of layers of field recordings of waves crushing ashore, and an audio composition mixed in surround. The scale of the projection, the motion and the sound combine in a vertigo effect, a sensation of resonance towards the abyss that lies beneath us,  stretching time to an uncertain duration, term used by Bergson referring to our inner temporal subjective experience; Thus referring to an absence made present, much as the absent character Percival in Woolf’s experimental novel, The Waves (1931).