The Origin (On & On), 2021

Double 35mm Slide Projection, Kodak Carousel S-AV
2 Sets of 15 Slides, Color; Metal Plinths, Looper, Plug, Cables and Audio Player
Dimensions Variable

3 + 1 AP

Installation views during The Sun, followed by the older one, the sheep and the origin (on and on) led by Kleck Klecks, at Casa das Artes do Porto, 2021; Photos — Pedro Huet

From depths, to shore

dreams of sculpted memory,

Preserve our limbs

on the crust in which we walk;

João Gil, 2021

︎︎︎ Video Documentation

“(...) A kind of origin that approaches and retreats, that meets and diverges, as João Gil is keen to point out. The state of ⌢ had completely changed since the arrival of ↩︎. He was experiencing a completely different journey. They traveled from this moment to other moments. Moments beyond the shadows, beyond their first representations. The ammonites made the representation something else, a chance like the previous blurs, but, still, an unplanned representation, an image-traveling to a past so far away that we can't imagine. This process of millions and millions of years had ended up brutally cut in half, or more than half, after being extracted from the ground. The origin (on and on) carried another notion of the time of these images. The process identify > shoot > develop > project > observe called to mind the apparatus of the first images they saw projected, reminded them of how in this circle they always reappeared, reinventing themselves. Long after they had met, so long that the sun had appeared, ⌢ and ↩︎ ︎, embraced by the paths they had traveled so far, stopped.

Observed in the background, on a higher plane, by a foreign body, ⌢ and ↩︎ had their first sense of verticality since they had met. Up until then, they had taken horizontal paths, in crossings through chronologies of time, or levitated through the fascination of the startled demons and images they carry. In this basement-city, they had not yet realized the inherent verticality of the place where they were. The feeling that they were being watched led them to consider looking around them in a 360-degree rotating movement. As they turned around, they realized what this body was that had been watching them since they had arrived there. Small points, primitive pixels that all together formed lines, which in turn formed shapes, and that did not restrain themselves from removing all noise from their face, in order to leave visible only the information strictly necessary for themselves and their relationship with others. This editing work took a long time, and each of these points was also a measure of that time. One could already tell that this encounter was the oldest they had ever had with anyone all the way through. Bizarre feeling that of being watched. Now that they approached him, the malleable body loomed over them, petrified up there. After a dance on the edges, it landed in that little piece of familiar space. (...)”

Pedro Huet, 2021

︎︎︎ Excerpt — Full Exhibition Text Here