Blue Vanities, 2018 
Internet downloaded footage (manipulated)
Color, 4:3, 01:53:58, 4K Movie, silent

Blue Vanities (2018) video of digitally images found online further manipulated to the state of near abstraction.

The images are remniscents of a post-internet pornography movement, that aimed at purchasing vintage porn films and tapes; to digitalize them and re-release them under a series of volumes compiling these films, a collection that is intitled Blue Vanities, where the project takes it name.

João appropriates one of these films, as well as the title, and decides, with a minimal gesture, to manipulate the images by blurring, altering the color and further degrating them, digitally.

In this process the images become ambiguous, and with that uncertainty, a certain disconfort arrises. We become estranged to a coreography of gestures, that we had already become desensitised. Here, this uncertainty aims at reflecting upon the hyper-normalisation of the sexual act, within very clear and artificial boundaries.